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Gas Meter Pulse Device Specifications

For a pdf file of specifications for RIO Tronics products, click here

For Wiring Diagram:  RIO Tronics Wiring Diagram-pdf



RegistRead, PulsePoint and RotaRead for Gas Meters


Output Type: Form A, digital, dry contact

Resolution: 2 outputs per revolution of dial, optional 10 outputs/revolution

Max. Pulse Rate: Based on meter speed, typically 3 seconds/pulse on  diaphragm meters;

Maximum rate of .75 second/pulse on rotary meters

Duty Cycle: RegistRead:  60% on, 40% off, ± 6%;      PulsePoint:   15% on,  85% off ±4%

Temperature: Operational from -40° to +240°F

Moisture: Operational to 100% humidity:
Case is plated to protect from corrosion; all electronics are potted.

Length: 1.12″ Width: .75″ Height: .30″ Weight: .6oz

Maximum switching voltage D.C.: 200 volts

Maximum switching current D.C.: 0.5 amps

Maximum switching watts D.C.: 10 watts

Minimum voltage breakdown D.C.: 220 volts

Contact resistance: 0.2 ohms

Open circuit resistance: > 100,000,000 ohms

Operation Time:   0.6ms