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RIO Tronics, a meter pulse device manufacturer, is a privately held company that  has been engineering and manufacturing meter retrofit pulse devices for over 20 years. RIO Tronics’ RegistRead, PulsePoint, and RotaRead meter sensors adapt to most electric, diaphragm gas, steam, and rotary gas meters. RIO Tronics has a large and diverse set of clientele, including investor owned and municipal utilities, engineering and consulting companies, system integrators, and AMR/AMI  manufacturers.

RIO Tronics has both a domestic and international presence. From Canada, led by manufacturer’s rep A.F. Hall CO., to Mexico, Europe and Asia, the company provides products for a wide variety of electric and gas meters. 

RIOTronics participates in exhibits and trade shows around the country and has partnered with energy service and AMI companies to assist in data gathering solutions.

Headquartered in Centennial, CO, south of Denver, the company management is headed by Andrew Brock, President and Craig Swartz, Engineer.


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