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Electric Submetering


RIO Tronics’ RegistRead devices allow for

  • Retrofit of exisiting meters
  • New electric submetering
  • Integration with low cost calibrated meters



automatic meter reading

RIO Tronics' RegistRead delivers 1 kwh/pulse, under glass

Resolution: 1 kwh/pulse

Adapt to : Form 2S, 12S Meters

Detailed  Specifications


State of California Approval

Measurement Canada Approvals:

  •  AE-0475
  • AE-0606



Purchase calibrated electric meters with RegistRead installed, ready for submetering with socket type electric meters, please contact Texas Meter and device:



Electric Meters Compatible with RIO Tronics’ Products:

Manufacturer Type Form RIOTronics Part No.
GE I70S 2S RD 4348
612S, V62S 12S RD 4348-V
I50, I55A A Base RD 4348
ABB D4S, D5S 2S RD 4348
ABS5 12S RD 4348
Landis & Gyr MS, SLMS 2S RD 3539
MT 12S 12S RD 3539-V
Sangamo,Schlumberger J2S, J3S, J4S,J5S,S2SS12S 2S12S RD 3539RD 3539