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RIO Tronics supplies solution for hard-to-transmit gas meters

Seeking a solution for hard-to-reach meters for their hospital and military clients, a major California-based gas utility looked to RIOTronics. The challenge was achieving adequate transmission from ROOTS Rotary Gas Meters that were located in underground settings such as basements or vaults, and commonly set behind concrete.

RIOTronics provided a customized solution that included the installation of a longer lead wire (ranging between 30 and 100 feet) running from the  gas meter’s RIO Tronics  RotaRead Pulse Device to an area that allows for proper communication to the remote transmitter.

After testing the proposed solution on several meters over a period of a few months, the utility elected to install the wire and pulse device on nearly 500 inaccessible gas meters.

RIOTronics has worked with the utility company for over a decade, providing niche solutions for large scale automation projects. The company’s Energy Resource Center also utilizes RIOTronics RegistRead pulse devices for gathering building energy data, and  in appliance studies at their food service equipment center.

RIO Tronics' RotaRead meter pulse device for rotary gas meters

RIO Tronics’ RotaRead meter pulse device for rotary gas meters


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