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Electric Meter Types

Electric meter types- see below chart for electric meter manufacturers’ meters, that can be retrofitted with RIO Tronics’ RegistRead for Form A digital pulse outputs.
Meters require circular read registers; please inquire if meter nor listed.

Manufacturer Type Form RIO Tronics  RegistRead Part No.
GE I70S 2S RD 4348
612S, V62S 12S RD 4348-V
I50, I55A A Base RD 4348
ABB D4S, D5S 2S RD 4348
ABS5 12S RD 4348
Landis & Gyr MS, SLMS 2S RD3539
MT 12S 12S RD 3539-V
Itron, Sangamo, Schlumberger J2S, J3S, 2S RD 3539
 J4S,J5S,S2S, S12S  12S  RD 3539