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Electric Meter Pulse Installation

RIO Tronics RegistRead

WIRE TYPE: Use minimum of 18 ga shielded wire for 30 – 5,000 feet distance

Meter Calibration:

Electric meters require recalibration for accuracy after the  register is  removed and replaced  for RegistRead installation. RIO Tronics recommends using Texas Meter and Device Company to provide calibrated meters with RegistRead.

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the plastic or glass lens covering the meter register
  2. Remove the pointer from the highest resolution dial.  A small diagonal cutter is recommended to pry up or trim the pointer
  3. Place the RIO Tronics magnet rotor onto the exposed pointer shaft.  Adjust the height of the rotor above the index face for approximately .040” clearance.
  4. Place the RegistRead housing with switch and wire adjacent to and over the rotor and check for a flush fit on the register face.
  5. For metal index: RIO Tronics will warranty the installation with approved bonding, (such as LocTite SpeedBonder 326 with Primer N). Use the primer to wipe clean the switch assembly and the index face, and then re-apply to each surface to prime. Apply a thin coating of SpeedBonder to the base of the RegistRead housing, fit over the rotor, and secure in place for 30 seconds to bond, applying firm pressure and keeping the pointer shaft centered through the top hole.
  6. For plastic index: RIO Tronics will warranty the installation with approved bonding (such as Huntsman Araldite 2021) supplied by RIO Tronics. Mix the 2 parts and apply to the bottom of the RegistRead housing. Place in the correct position over the rotor, and set assembly aside for five minutes.
  7. Drill a hole in the plastic register cover to accommodate the wire exit, and run the wire through the hole. If space allows, use an overhand knot in the wire for strain relief. RIO Tronics supplies grommets for the cable: use a 7/32” hole for the grommet.
  8. For glass register cover, exit the wire through the base of the meter.
  9. Test the installation using a multimeter or ohm meter on the red and black wires, noting the proper change in resistance for each output- typically 100 ohms/infinite, 10x/revolution of the dial.

RIO Tronics manufactures a wide variety of rotors to accommodate specific meter indexes based on manufacturer and type of index.  Housings are available in different circle printings for a variety of orientations.